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The Phoenix Herald - a purely RP newspaper idea

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Hello All,

Just been taking a look over at the community creation section and noticed a few different ‘newspapers/journals’ by players with updates etc on the games development.

I remember years ago a really great player-run RP newspaper for one of the main role playing servers on WoW - it went on for a couple of years and was really popular among the community.

I thought it might be fun to try something similar for the fledgling Ashes of Creation RP community and am curious to see what people think about it.

The paper would be purely focused on the RP community and would include stories, events, advertisements, births/deaths, political intrigues, art and so on.

what do you guys think? Would it be something you would be interested in reading or even contributing to?

Post your thoughts/ideas/opinions below.


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    Yes :smiley:
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    Given the nature of the game, it may behoove you to consider having stories discussing in game plot developments in general,  not just those caused by the rp player base. Sure, there will be a lot of us wherever we settle, but it'd be a shame if we had a dragon attack happen, and it was passed up because "an rper didn't trigger that".
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    Just like the real world, there doesn't have to be only one paper....

    This subject area is one of the many that I need to get answers on from an official intrepid staff member.

    As I've mentioned before elsewhere, if a text adventure like 'discworld' can implement an in game, player managed paper, then surely Ashes should be able to also. It's only a matter of getting the text in.

    Sure there'd be issues with ensuring that this wasn't an ability for all, otherwise everything would be 'top shelf' before you sneezed, but if there was an ability that the mayor / leader of the large nodes could nominate official editors, papers that might make it a little more accountable.

    With a flagging system to highlight any unsuitable content to the mayor, the mayor deals with any transgressions, but if left undealt with might eventually pass to the devs.

    Ooooh, link this to some node bonus, if it's flagged too much, you lose that bonus.

    Anyway, I'll keep on keeping the rest of my own, normally expansive, views on this close to my chest.

    *wanders away munching on a doughnut*
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