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Make Crafting greater


I've recently been thinking of ways to make crafting more important and relevant in the long run (forever), specially at "endgame", when everybody has the highest equipment and weapons possible.

Of course, have the best equipment in the game be the craftable one, beside the unique equipment you get from world bosses (with unique visuals).

But the idea i've came up with is to be able to repair equipment only by a crafter. Don't jump to conclusions just yet, this idea is still in the rough, like the game, but hear me to the end:
Have equipment above a certain quality threshhold able to be repaired only by crafters that are qualified to work with that kind of quality. For example if you have a Common (first tier) / Fine (second tier) quality, to be able to repair it at any blacksmith in town, but from Tier 3 and above, only crafters that can craft that tier to be able to repair them. 
And a second part of this idea is: To require a small ammount of the main material used to craft them, to be able to repair them to full durability

Of course, legendary items, and unique items to have their durability losing alot less than the highest/best crafted gear. Or even have them never lose durability. But having them lose ability, and have the mobs/boss you got them from to drop a certain material that you can use to repair them with, so that it makes that mob/boss equally important even if you have the best weapon/equipment.

This will make Gathering and Crafting  more important, because somebody needs to keep on farming the material, so the demand will be high, and constant.


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