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NOVɅ [NA] | PvX | Semi-Hardcore | 18+ “The beginning and the end.”

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Leader: Avvi Co-Leader: Zhaldros Co-Leader: -vacant-

Focus: Node Progression, Crafting/Gathering, Economy, Exploration, Community Building

Who we are

NOVɅ is an NA based, PvX guild that was started by two people who were tired of the status quo in relation to “semi-hardcore” guilds. We’re individuals who plan to play this game extensively and experience almost all aspects the game has to offer and have fun while doing it!


To advance ourselves and the guild to the best of our abilities and create a community where people can develop bonds and friendships as we tackle what this game has in store for us. We understand that people have different interests when it comes to playing MMOs and we encourage that! We want you to cultivate your interests while also being able to come together to engage in content like dungeons, caravans, sieges, etc.

What we’re looking for

Mature, like minded individuals who share the same passion to play Ashes of Creation. We want players who wish to create a small, close-knit guild that sacrifices numbers for skill and acts as a specialized force. If you’re a fan of anime, we draw a lot of inspiration from Log Horizon!

Leadership positions are open and will be promoted from within our ranks.


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