Specs to play on high?

Just wondering, but do you guys think the nvidia 1080 can play on max settings?

I really wanna know what you guys are all thinking on pc specs and some insight to what everyone else is building.

Thanks guys!

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    Unless you somehow have a bottle-neck elsewhere in your system (namely core processor or possibly, but unlikely, RAM) the 1080 should be able to render AoC with max graphics easily. 1080 Ti (one small step up from the 1080) was literally the best graphics card you could get like a year ago. I custom built my PC last year and chose to go with the 1060 and I've had no problems running BDO or StarCraft 2 with maxed graphics settings, so I'd be surprised if I couldn't do the same with AoC. If you are really concerned about this and are in the market for a new graphics card, then you should know that nvidia has since come out with the 2k series (2070, 2080, 2080 Ti) and while that means the 1080s are now a lot cheaper, it also means they are being phased out. I would expect games coming out somewhere between 2-5 years from now to finally push past the 1080s capacity on max settings, and then you'd have a much longer time before 1080 was below the minimum requirements.
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    BDO is half off right now. Go put $5 into that and see how well it runs then afterwards get a refund. best way to be 100%

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    1080s are the technology in the machines they are building the game with and basically the high end for the average gamer.

    Sure, there are people who dropped a ton of cash for early edition 2080s (and we see how that turned out)

    So yeah like blaze said, unless something else with your machine is sub-par you'll be running it on max settings.

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    I am not expert but i feel like 1080 in SLI is overkill. You probably don't need to invest in all of that. We'll likely get a better idea in persistent alpha or beta stages. 


  • Try what you have first and if its not up to spec and I mean you have a potato then its time to change. If the game plays fine and you have no issues you dont need to worry about upgrading.

  • Yea i appreciate all of your answers. I can play black desert easily with no problems (the original version). 

    Then i should be golden. Thank you everyone.
  • I got an i77700k 16gb ddr4 and a 1080 Ti, I am pretty sure i can olay on high for the next few years.
  • Thats good to know cause i have the 960, but wanted to upgrade to the 1080 or 1060.

    I just wanted to play on high comfortably cause those graphics looks so nice.

  • would you guys advice to upgrade to another 1080 in SLI if i alrdy have one?
     ( and hope ashes will support SLI smoothly) i tryd to ask it multiple times alrdy. cant get a answer on it…  all i hear is that the latest UE mostly 'might' or 'should' support SLI lol
    its a cost friendly way to get legit specs
    OR just going for a 2080 ti instead ? 
  • I have a GTX760 and I can play Apocalypse with no stutter.  For an alpha, this game is amazingly stable.  When I was in Landmark, the graphics weren't as good and it maxed out my system.
    That being said, I am not sure how it would go with hundreds of people running around.  Hopefully I will be invited to the Castle Siege to find out...
  • 1080 ti can run 4k without any issues. If you want to run 8k get 1080 sli or a 2080 but i do not recommend 8k at this time because few games if any will support it and it will be a waste of money. This is why i have not upgraded to 2080 yet myself. I switched from SLI 980's at 4k to one 1080 ti 4k and have had no issues at all. 
  • Being built on Unreal Engine 4 should see similar performance to other titles using the same engine, at least on the fidelity side of things.

    I am more curious to see how multi core/thread CPU support will go especially with high player population areas of interaction. I am all to familiar with mass PvP slideshows in other games.

    Polish and optimization is a of course a primary outcome.

    Also remember to match your monitor with your GPU too.

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