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Black Talon Mercenary Guild / PvX / Semi-Hardcore / 16+


Leader: Mysterious Felis Catus

What is Black Talon?

Black Talon is a New NA Based Mercenary PvX  guild. Ashes of Creation is mainly a PvP enabled game so no real point in doing just PvP when it will be everywhere. Black Talon loves its PvP in Ashes of Creation so while it will be our main focus we will also focus on the PvE aspect of things: crafting, Raiding, etc.  Black Talon is family. We take care of each other. When in game don't be afraid to ask for a group to help protect you while gathering. We would love to do it. Black Talon is also very loyal to its Clients. When you pay Black Talon, you get your moneys worth. 

What is Black Talons Purpose?

Mercenary Goals: Mercenary Black Talons main purpose is to become a very credible Mercenary Guild. The more credibility we have, the more work we will have. We aim to be the best. Why? The best you are the more gold you will be able to earn. 
Normal Guild Goals: Black Talons main goal is to have fun in the game of Ashes of Creation. We aim to have our own node and to exert our dominance in the world of Verra while also filling our pockets with coin.

What is Black Talon looking for?

Black Talon is looking for loyal, mature individuals who wants to become a trustworthy part of our family and who wants to have fun in Ashes of Creation. We wish to make a close-knit group of like minded players with whom to wreak havoc, earn gold with, and have a blast to play with. 
If you become a part of our family you do NOT have to become a mercenary. You can become a craftsmen, a builder, a gatherer, a raider or anything like that. However you will be expected to perform in at least some form of PvP whether that is Node Defense, or Caravan Defense. 

Black Talons Mercenary Services:

  1. Node and Castle Defense
  2. Node and Castle Assault
  3. Caravan Defense and Caravan Raids
  4. Gathering Defense and Harassment 
The highest bidder gets the service. We require a 2 day heads up before the needed service.
50% upfront and 50% immediately after the service is complete. We have trust in you, you have trust in us. Helps build credibility for you and helps build credibility for us. Do not worry, if you pay us to attack a certain guild then we will NOT tell that guild who sent us. Your secret is safe with us. However if you refuse to pay us the 50% afterwords we WILL kill your Guild Members until we feel we have done enough. 
You have been warned

Other than that Black Talons wants to have a great relationship with every Guild out there. If we do attack you, know it is nothing personal, and is just business. 

Currently there is no "we". Just "I". But i would love to make it a "we"!! Getting a Guild up and moving is a huge feat! So I'm looking for people who don't mind a slow chat at first and that want to help build Black Talon! So feel free to join the discord and fill out the application! 
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