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It's been a year...

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Hello, community!

It's been a whole year since I joined Ashes of Creation hype train. I've done nothing about it tho', never joined any discussions or tried the game in stress test or any tests so far at all, nor given any input on what I see in videos. Now that 'hopefully' we are about a year away from the release or at least a possibility to buy your way into the next tests the hype is getting higher and higher. So, I guess I will be starting to bring myself into this game and community more, and more...

For now, I'm just saying "Hello!", but if you see me around and would like to talk feel free to come and reply to my "Hello", in any form of communication or channel.

In short about me, I'm an almost 30yrs old gamer, I started gaming in 2001/2002, and played mostly MMORPG, because of my poor social skills, my social skills since then have increased (I'd like to think so), but I'm still a very shy person that still likes to play games.

A little background of my previous games:
- Ultima Online 
- DarkEden
- RuneScape, the one that considered classic now (back in the day, it was the new one, nowadays only a few people know what classic RS really means)
- Knight Online
- MU Online
- Kal Online
- World of Warcraft
-- Took a pause from gaming, skipped age of 'WoW clones', and time when new MMORPG came out every month or maybe even a week
- Return to WoW at the end of Mists and start of WoD
- Neverwinter Online
- Albion Online (failed to bring memories of Ultima Online days), high hopes for Fractured MMO
- Guild Wars 2

Currently playing FFXIV: Stormblood on Chaos/Omega, and I think this is the best MMORPG you can play, that is available on the market.

Carry on!


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