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Vae Victis [VV] PvP and PvX | Semi-Hardcore | 21+

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Vae Victis - PvP and PvX [Semi-Hardcore]

Leadership: Founders and GMs - Valhas and Earthewen
Concentration: PvP, Economics, Politics, and PvX.
Guild Website:
Teamspeak3 Information:
Discord Information:
Email: [email protected]
Guild Size: - 10 - 200 plus
Requirements: 21+ years of age, headset required (mic is optional), good attitude and commitment to team efforts.

Vae Victis Mission

Build and maintain a presence in our sphere of influence through the strength of arms, crafting, trading, and mutual cooperation offered in game. Primary focus will be node development to Metropolis status and moving from there to castle sieges.

Rank Structure

Vae Victis has an organized rank structure and follows basic military courtesies as it pertains to senior rank. The officers and staff exist solely and for the explicit purpose of improving the guild environment as a whole and individual players enjoyment.  Rank is achieved through hard work and commitment to the goals of the guild ... those that have shown an affinity for leadership or are unusually devoted to the players around them will always be  first to be considered.


PvP has traditionally been the main focus of Vae Victis. However, Ashes of Creation is structured so that PvE, Economics, and Politics are tied together with PvP and are all critical to success. As such the guild’s focus will shift to support the concept here and expand on it to fuel the active participation in PvP. Dungeon running, word bosses, merchants and crafting will be prioritized to developing a solid base to work from.


Vae Victis is built on teamwork and is currently recruiting all of the known archetypes. Recruitment is restricted to those 21 years of age (mature gaming community). Access to one of the two voice communication methods listed is needed. Headphones are required however microphone is optional. If interested, please contact via TS3, Discord, or Email. We look forward to hearing from you.


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