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[NA] Team Thrive - PVP & PVE Mercenary/Trade Guild (ALPHA 1+)

Guild Name:
Thrive (Nick Name: Team Thrive)
Website: Coming Soon!
Leader: Dante Thrive / Crown Thrive
Focus: We're looking to focus on PVP and Mercenary/Trade guild, we here at Thrive want this guild to excel in competitive PVP and making a Trade Empire. We will focus on all parts of the game though.
Size: We are aiming for a full 300 man roster on out main guild consisting of the most active players, but we will also be starting secondary + guilds. So we are contemplating up to a 900 man roster.

Thank you for reading past the short description and making it this far.
We love to PVP here are Team Thrive and are looking to start recruiting players for our main 300 man roster. There is going to be a limited amount of room for our main guild and once you have made it into the main guild your spot is reserved. We want to become a guild for people to join up and have other people to play with. We want to focus on being new player friendly. Unfortunately, due to the demand of the game we will start with NA time zones only as this is what the owners are located in. 

We aren't just looking for the sweatiest of sweats to play and grind this game to max level in a matter of days. We are looking for some chill dudes to game with. Our gaming sessions right now are mostly fun and laughs. We also want to play to the highest level of competitive play possible. 

Must have a decent mic
Preferably over the age of 18
Be active
Chill guy

Some chill guys looking to start a massive fucking empire and cuck little kids playing the game by taking their stuff and selling it for profit, all the while laughing in discord.

Here is the discord link again just incase you made it down this far to the post.
Thanks yall!
Hope to see some new people in the discord!


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