Hungry for AOC

G’day lads, ladettes and of course those of non-binary (ladite?🤔)

Just felt like throwing in my 2 cents and expressing how damn excited I am for AOC to arrive. I know it’s way too early to be judging literally anything on it so far but who cares? A brand spanking new game with a dedicated team to kick most MMORPG’s ass. I am so keen try try the mixture of classes but for now I think I’m honed in on summoner/ranger or even a magician. I am an Australian gamer who is just thrilled that there are already threads of oceanic players banding together and creating guilds. We always miss out down under so huge shout out to those people. Also I would love to join and be friend a bunch of people to talk about potential lore we as players will create and what ideas we all have on creating/dominating cities and landscapes. So let’s hear them! 

I wish the best of luck for the team of AOC. I’m definitely here supporting you.


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