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Hi. The question arises: how the game will be different from the current popular MMORPG that it will prevail: PvE or PvP?
And Yes, will there be support for the Russian language?


  • The game will be handled by in Russia. They will maintain the servers. They have no creative control over the game and cannot make changes to things like the cosmetic store and content. There is a plan for localization in any region that has the playerbase to support the added cost. Since very little of the game is voice acted or cinematic cut scenes, this cost is lower. There is no region locking, so if you choose to play on another regions servers you are free to do so, but you will have to evaluate how much a ping/latency hit you are willing to take by going to other regions.

    The game is PvX. Game mechanics will not be solely PVE or PVP as they are needed on both ends of the spectrum to make what Ashes proposes to be work. I recommend using one of the wikis like or others. Google translate should allow you to get most of the information you need if there is a language barrier.

  • Thank you very much for will not make any changes. Because they killed a huge number of projects in Russia.
  • We have in Europe apparently which is a damn shame. only usually does Pay 2 Win games and their customer service is shocking. We get high pings from My.Com servers even if the server is in the same region we play in. Russia is not alone in its potential sufferance because it seems IS wants to branch out to local companies for easier implementation. What this means for the ongoing life remains to be seen.
  • In 90% of projects it is impossible to play because of the donation, it greatly affects gameplay. Delays in the form of updates (in Europe, the update comes out 2-4 months earlier), does not fulfill what promises.With ping, things are better. In our region = evil.
  • Yes has the same reputation. From what i understand Intrepid Studios have a contract which gives them full control and the Publishers merely give them access to the local regions so that the game can be released at similar times across multiple regions. I am reliant on Steven's word that IS will create solid servers because i'm sick and tired of sieges that are too laggy to play and server sieges top the list of unplayable sieges in my region.
  • Its a dark stain on a otherwise pristine game 
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    nagash said:
    Its a dark stain on a otherwise pristine game 

    is it like when you get a new couch and then the cat pukes on it while you're at work giving the stain PLENTY of time to set?

  • The whole affair is the only decision I would never say was good, but given the fact that there was little alternative and that both companies (or is it 1 ? ) have to keep up certain standards and don't have any creative control makes me feel a bit better over it.
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