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Ashes of Creation - Lore and Speculation


So.... Think I'm onto something here or am i just crazy? Im pretty sure we are seeing a pattern
related to Corruption, although im sure there is also alot more to the story, but it certainly
seems to be a core part of it. Your thoughts?


  • Great video as always Proxy, but I thought you were against speculation?
  • Thanks proxy! awesome job as always!
  • [quote quote=4169]Great video as always Proxy, but I thought you were against speculation?


    Oh I am. Hence why i told people who only want the facts to turn off after the first minute. The other 5 minutes is jibberish that should not be taken as fact and clearly stated as so!
  • Really enjoyed the video Proxy. And I really liked your speculation after the fact. I look forward to more lore videos.
  • Great video! Can't wait to find out more!
  • Quick question here. Looking for any official lore and so far no joy. Has anyone heard what IS is planning on release of the information?

    Proxy great videos btw!!

    Lore is the soul of the game so it needs to be done well or all the rest of it falls short.

  • great video !
  • I think the divine vs demonic conflict is a possibility. This could be a bit of a stretch, but I also wouldn't rule out a Horizon Zero Dawn angle judging by the appearing hexagonal shapes during combat. (Of course that is likely just a design aspect and not lore related.) This could also tie into the explanation of Corruption. I do like the Stargate theory. Which instead of the races transporting to a different place for a set period of time then returning, the portals were used to transport them forward in time right away. This might explain the lack in development of advanced technology as the operators of the portals had to stay behind to keep them open while everyone escaped the corrupted magical force that they awakened.

    And great video!
  • Great video!

    The portals are an interesting feature. Maybe it is not a portal. Think of it as a large magical transition point. You go in and come out in a different time. Just going by what I can see in the video feeds. There are the stone as you mention and is it possible that the Divine power get is energy from that. Time machine maybe but the result is the same. A mage opened it, and the masses run through. What happened to the pore soul that had to stay behind to keep it open.

    Like to hit one section at a time here… There is a ton here to chew on theoretically so we have some liberty of sorts….The IS team can jump in any time.

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