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Are The Mounts Unique?

I Have A Question Are The Mounts in AFC Gona Be Normal Speedy/Flying Mounts Or Does They Attack Or Smtg Unique? 


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    edited November 2018
    certain mounts will have combat abilities and i believe there will also be mounted combat. I can't be more specific as i haven't tested any mounts myself.

    We will also have Animal Husbandry which is like Creature Handler from Star Wars Galaxies with breeding added in. Due to breeding uniquer mounts can be created.

    Metropolis Mayors and Guild Castle Royals will also have a flying Dragon mount but these will be rare and only for the stated people.

    There will also be Group Mounts. None of these things are unique per say but the way they will be implemented might be.

  • Only the leaders of castles or nodes get flying mount and these are for a limited time some rare time you may get a flying mount from legendary world bosses,

    if you want more info you may want to look here
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