[DTP]Debauchery Tea Party recruiting hardcore NA players!


Debauchery Tea Party is an organization in a anime called Log Horizon. The Debauchery Tea Party gained notoriety for completing several large-scale battles called raids before the group disbanded two years ago. The purpose for this party was to attempt to be first in the history of the server to complete Raids even though they were a smaller group than other guilds.

What is the purpose of this guild?

1. Do servers first raids, world bosses, and aim to get first level 6 node on the server together. 2. Help each other when it comes to quests and pvp and anything that a normal guild should have and treat others as family (loyalty will be rewarded)
3. Role system, everyone in the guild will have ATLEAST one role. I.E: Treasurer, Recruiter, Strategist etc.
4. We will gather as much info as we can on the server, since I believe knowledge will be the main currency in this game. We will need to explore and find our secrets about the world
5. Use what we learn and use it to our advantage or sell to other guilds for profit of trade for their secrets.
6: Haven't decided on what node to go on (military, economic etc) but will do that when guild is atleast 20 members in.
7: Decisions will not be made by an individual but rather an council who makes decisions together
8: Everyone should be able to use discord or some way to communicate (Voice chat preferred ALOT)
9: Goals are to make the guilds influence so strong that when someone needs help with something they contact us, whether it be a raid or a siege or even a world boss.
10: We will have a bunch of guild events with a bunch of prizes!

The vision for this guild is to become famous once again by completing hard world bosses first and figuring out raids and to be one of the first guilds to beat them. We will also focus on pvp and have relations with other guilds and go to siege. 

Current member size: 5
Goal member size before Alpha 2: 40
Goal member size before Launch: 50-80 (We will get a lot of buffs instead of going the 300 member guild route).

If you have any questions or want to join, feel free to drop by our discord channel:



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