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Support your Local Guard

The boss is in charge, pays to have the guards have gear. Heavy for heavy, leathers for scouts, light for mages. All the same gear.

We know the darkness out there is full of monster that wll crunch that standard gear. We only have so much gold to go around for everything in the city/fort/castle. You can make the difference. Come to the guard barraks, sign up to support one of our many guards who keep you and the towns people safe! Donate gear you found but can't use or searched out. Make your guard stand out amongst his peers.

Act now! There's only so many to support, one per person.

Now who would love to see something like this? Each guard on the guild Fortress supported by a member of the guild. Gear up to the teeth.


  • Just something else to add to the wish list of post launch things we want. Not a bad idea but i'd rather guards be wearing one uniform and not "Stand out amongst his peers"
  • Tabards.
  • I pay my fair share of souls for them to get their own armour and weapons 
  • I have a few friends willing to be guards, they are members of a cult called the "NPC's" you should try contacting them ;)
  • Could be cool. If you've ever seen Overlord, that kind of what I envision you proposing. Each member of a guild can create a special guard to defend the guild hall, and they are fully responsible for that guard. It would definitely make the guild feel more lively with a bunch of custom NPC guards walking around rather than your typical uniformed, cookie-cutter guards. 
  • Well they wouldn't be player level ability but in an invasion, if you're too busy IRL to be there, you will have some satisfaction knowing the guard you supported is there causing trouble for the invaders.
  • Wouldnt that just make every class a summoner?
  • nagash said:
    Wouldnt that just make every class a summoner?
  • nagash said:
    Wouldnt that just make every class a summoner?
    No, it just means every class is capable of making a friend. 
  • The guard isn't a summon, he or she is an employee.  Somewhat similar to how we can hire NPCs to help us guard our caravans.

    So the OP brings up an interesting point.  In addition to hiring NPC caravan guards, freehold workers or folks to man our stalls, perhaps there could be other types of NPC jobs that the affluent player could hire.  What would you want to see in-game?

     - Spies, to search for your enemies or report player conversations to you

     - Scouts, to explore new areas and report back (cartographers would love them), though some scouts may fall prey to mobs and not return

     - Food critics, to wander the world and bring back good new food ideas

     - Mistress or 'boy toy' to keep you amused

     - Pied Pipers to attract rats to let loose on a rival's farm to eat their crops

    The possibilities are almost endless.....

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