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Create your Own Religion?

As of right now the religion system is still very vague to us in the public. The current understanding is that there is a set pantheon of gods and you will be able to align with/follow a god of your choice and gain some augments in the process. But what if that was slightly tweaked?

What if instead of "The God of Hope, Resna", we have "The Archetypal Faith, Hope". Your character could still progress in the same way as the devs plan, just with a different name. When establishing a temple, you could then create your own god and assign them one of the archetype faiths, or establish a pre-existing god from another temple, one of which could be the original pantheon the devs created. This keeps the original lore intact while allowing more freedom.

An addition to this idea, albeit requiring more time and effort, would be creating a system where the clergy could write the lore of their religion and be able to disseminate the texts to the public.

Could this be abused? Yes, but admins crack down on inappropriate language as a job. Would it break immersion? Perhaps, but in real life religion is diverse and sometimes weird. Would it be more personal? Of course! The RP options alone are endless! But to create a faith, watch it grow in size, and then spread out across the land? That would be amazing to watch happen.
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