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Classes with Purpose

Perhaps I've missed any information on the subject, but I'll ask here in hopes someone has the answer. Does anyone know how secondary class selection will impact the "usefulness" of each primary class? Perhaps I'm overthinking it, but in other MMO's there seems to be a set "best spec/class combo".

For example, in World of Warcraft warriors will flip flop back and forth between Fury and Arms for best dps for that class. Another example would be how one tank will be far superior to others for end game content. 

Just curious as to if anyone at Intrepid Studios has touched on this yet.



  • The secondary archetype you choose will only add a bonus onto your class and changing the secondary archetype will also require you to do a quest so it won't be done on a whim.

    Imo if you play fighter and have a charge ability and then take rouge secondary then your charge might be invisible or something along those lines.
  • No way wo tell yet.
    We know only very little about actual augmentations that come with the secondary classes. Some augmentations could change the skills only slightly while others may change skills in a way that only the base idea of the skill remains.

    We don't know how the different augmentations can effect the different skills of all classes. And we don't even know what the exact augmentations will be. We have just a few examples without details.
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