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An idea for weapon progression to unlock skins

Hi, first of all, sorry for my Eng.  I give my best... I have an idea for weapon progression to unlock skins. Do you remember Vanilla World of Warcraft (classic)? If you do,  do you remember weapon level progression? Like every weapon type has a unique level that you level up when you use that weapon in battle like if you play Warrior and use Axe, you start with level 1 and level up weapon through battle(fight in PvP or fight and killing monsters, etc.).  Levels are there for a skill with that weapon type like the more you use Axe and level up you decrease the chance of missions attack, etc.  
This post has nothing with that just with skins, here is my point. When we get our skins from Battle-Royale mod it will be stupid to use them right on the start of the game on a new low-level character. Then level 1 and level 50 character will both look cool. And that will ruin a game for me because I love hardcore grinding for one cool looking item (like Warglaive of Azzinoth when Black Temple come out), but if everyone will look so cool why will I lost so much time for an item, when I can get another one 1000time easier that looks cool.  I know Steven say that there will be some progression, I am here just to give new Idea or solution. 
You see that new skins for each weapon type. What about this,  Axe skins are just for one Axe item let's say Axe of Dominance, you get this item from a Rare creature you kill in a zone like Windmill Boss,  and that Axe of Dominance is some Epic item that boss drop... When you get that Axe of Dominance item has some type of level progression like weapons in Vanilla Wow let's say that epic weapon has 400 levels, you start with level 1 and have a basic cool looking weapon( you see on stream 4 skins for basic Axe and other weapons, Holy, Arcane, Fire, Blue, don't know names...Who care...), you get skin every 100levels unlocked in your wardrobe. Or no as Windmill Boss drop maybe for Exalted Reputation for a faction that is hard to get in some zone... Steven says that there will be over 1 Milion variations of gear on launch,  how will we get this gear?  I think we will get cool gear on some stupid and easy way. Maybe is a solution for that this progression where you unlock other skins... Or maybe another system, we are used to seeing classic looting and gearing that we watch for 20years what about something revolutionary and new? This is maybe a stupid idea but I will love to see some new systems if you wanna to make new revolutionary MMORPG that you make already because we play Wow copies for 20years and you have Node system that is already something new why no adding more new thing maybe the players will love that.
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