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Question about Support Packs

Hey all, glad to be here!

I was wondering if it's easy to upgrade your supporter tier. I plan to buy the $75 one but I may want to upgrade it in the future, just curious if that's an option.



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    Yes, if you are logged into your account and visit the shop, you will have the option of buying an upgrade. It's quite convenient :)
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  • Yep, upgrades are pretty straightforward. Once you buy a lower tier pack the upgrades automatically show up in the shop as options.
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  • Sorry for the lazy cut and paste from another thread. Hope this helps.

    No, you do not lose your previous items. You will keep the items from the $75 pack, and will get the higher tier cosmetics from this month of the $150. You would need to purchase the lower tier cosmetics from this month separately. You would get the Winter Nyft, but would need to buy the cloak separately as an example. Also, you would have a total of 4 months gametime, not 6 when it is all done. When upgrading you pay the difference between the packages is why. You don't pay $150, but would just pay another $75 so the package rewards like game time are not cumulative.

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