Reborn/Rebirth System

Wouldn't be nice to have a reborn/rebirth system?

Let's say you start as a mage and you hit max level.. Now what?! 

There are no new skills left to learn, no regions left to conquer and no enemies left to challenge, it is time to be reborn.

Reborn is like reincarnation. Your character is born again as whatever class you like. 
However, memories of previous life remain intact, granting you additional powers, skills and abilities from your old class. 

Reborn characters are much more powerful than newborns, with more Battle Power, higher abilities, better skills and visual looking glamour. (Or fashion lmao)

But in order to reborn, you'll have pay sort' amount of in-game currency and you'll be asked a few questions by a NPC. (Like an Old master of all classes or something)


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    Personally I really like the idea but I think it's highly unlikely if not flat out improbable for intrepid to add this, still a interesting idea.
  • Nah, as @nagash said, there are no plans to add an aging/permadeath/rebirth transfer of skills and exp system. Why would they add an ancillary system when CoE is already doing it? Making MMOs Great Again will return us to the good old days of character choices having depth and meaning. Not everyone will be everything at any time they want. You want something new, reroll and level it up old school.
  • lets answer it this way
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  • Well, i'm just giving an option out. I haven't played many mmorpgs so I currently don't own to much knowledge about what most players like and don't like. I personally think is a good Idea but oh well.. (Grind, Re-roll & Sell/Trade system sounds nice as well)
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