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Melee combat

    So what are the plans in terms of melee PvP. For example player 1 melee vs melee player 2. What will be deciding point that will allow any of them to win? Is it going to be skill? Gear? Or teamwork with your teamates? Or all 3 combined? I hope the melee combat won't just resolve to hold left mouse button and trying to keep up with your enemy also just to do huge aoe skills once in a while, roll away and blink.
    Will shield block damage from the arrows and magical attacks to protect my healers and dmg dealers forcing others to approach me to break the front line ?
    Am I going to be able to break defences, stun, counter attack and plan my attacks to win the duel?
  I find melee combat very unattractive in the teasers. The characters arent really that diverse apart from gear and looks like they have no weight while jumping moving or rolling. In some animations they look a little "stiff". Hits from swords and other meele weapons doesn't really look impactful. There is a little too many particle effects, I think It could create problems to see what is happening on the battlefield. 
   I apologize for being very crtical. I just want to give my very best feedback and i m aware the problems I see might not have to be what everyone expects them to be in the same places I see them. 
Here are positive things I like about the game:
Gear Desing
Class System 
Game Theme
World Design
I wish The Creators of Ashes of Creation Good Luck and Succes! Cheers!


  • You won't have to worry about melee combat because everyone will be wearing "catdrop" boots and bouncing around like bunny rabbits so you won't be able to hit them anyway.
  •    Ok so I noticed there was a part in teaser which 1 shielded person blocked an attack of 2 heanded weapon. I cant tell much from there but assume only the attack was "absorbed".
       I would suggest adding parry, and defense break move. Rewarding player for timed parry to open attacker for free hits. Break defence move to open defender from constant block for short period of time and punishment for using break defence at wrong times.
      This kind of systems were used in games like For Honor and Dark souls. It made melee combat somewhat skill based. Those games have gear differences and power spikes with lvls but made PvP skill based other than chaotic swinging and it is somewhat enjoyable. I'm not saying copy all or do the same I'm just trying to bring of some starting point. It also might not be what most people enjoy.
    Here are my experiences from others mmo:
      P vP in world of warcraft sucks.
    P vP in ff14 sucks.
    All in those 2 is just rotation you can use and mitigate some dmg or kite and deal extra dmg.
      Those 2 games have no action oriented style in them. Ashes does and perhaps devs could use it to some benefical extend. Your thoughts guys?
  • I'm all for more action oriented combat, Tera is a great example of combat done right, and made enjoyable. Sure it had it's issues, but that game had more flow in it's combat that even Monster Hunter World. 
    I also really support the idea of skill based combat. Stat based combat is boring an has been done, you should be rewarded for having good gear, but it should't mean that a lower level player has no chance to beat a higher level, or geared, player.
  • I also like the action oriented combat. ESO is the only mmo I have played (but played it since launch). I like their style of fighting in that blocking, positioning and dodging all have importance in the outcome of the fight. Another thing that is needed is UI indication of the opponent's health to enable strategyy during the fight. The current melee fighting setup reminds me of two blindfolded piñata breakers whacking away on each other.

  •   Action oriented combat is nice for PvP but how do we transition it into dungeons and raids? As for PvE area.
    As for generating agrro, hate or whatever you call it. Are we going to be heaving stances, auras, abilities for agrro managnent to relay on as a tank? 
    Will there be tanks buster checks?
    Will dmg mitigation on tank will affect it's dmg out put?
    Will be there a system in which I could sacrifice defensive couldowns in favor of offensive ones and change those depending on the fight?(Damage stance to tanking  stance) 
    As for Dps melee
    Are there dps checks in fights? 
    Increased dmg for Dpsing behind boss?
     increased critical strikes on the sides and such?
    Execution abilities  to dmg boss while  is low on health for extra dmg?

    P vP balance and Pve balance does not go well together. 
      What kind of solution would you like to see there?
      What do you expect from good dungeon and what should be the biggest challnge for your melee class?
     Do you want a distinctive difference between Tank,dps and support melee?

  • well, i can atleast answer that there is a dedicated tank class, and you could probably offtank by speccing into tank as a fighter. what we currently all see is a system that doesnt involve classes and doesnt involve the hybrid targeting system.
    the stream on the 13th shows a better look at the MMO combat, but it still does not apply all of the mechanics for the system they want.
  • I'm pretty sure the Dev team decided just to implement this BR gameplay purely to test the server and I/O functions and all that. BR wouldnt work in AoC with a traditional MMORPG experience. If AoC failed hard during development "crossed fingers, touch wood" it doesnt the BR aspect might be all that is left.
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