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My APOC BR Feedback (a tiny bit more in-depth)

First of all, do I like the BR ?
Well, I can't say I dislike it but so far there are quite a few things that need to be worked at from my perspective.

Things I do think need to be improved :
- Item variety. As for now, I do feel the options for combar are too limited and/or drops are too uneven distributed. Spear/Meteor/Catfall is used by felt 90%. There should be things like a Heavy Bow, Light Bow and Medium Bow. Different rarities of it etc. Tier 3 or Legendary Equip should only be obtainable from Kills or upgrading Weapons/Armor.

- Ressources to upgrade Weapons/Armor/Abilties. Ressources should be dropped from Kills and should be distributed randomly throughout the Arena like the rest of the Loot. Kills and killing "high value targets (Players with a high killcount) should give you more or better Ressources.
Upgrading a Weapon/Armor could have like 3 Tier stages with 1-2 giving better stats and 3 giving a little or maybe a bigger Perk. For example movement Speed, little health regeneration, bigger block, lifesteal on meele hit or whatever comes into mind.

- Potion drop rate. I do feel the droprate for these should be increased. Kills should always give a minor healing Potion, rewarding Players who engage actively in Combat more.

- One/Heavy Damage Shot Bows/Crossbows. Essentially the Sniper we are missing in this BR Mode.

- High Risk, high Reward vs. low Risk, lower Reward Gameplay. This goes towards the Item variety. As it is now, the weapons feel to similar in their impact. A 2handed Greatsword for example should offer (and demand) a complete new Playstyle and reward when hitting your enemy compared to a Bow. This also goes directly into the Combat Mechanics itself. I don't feel the difference between a 2handed Weapon and a small one is big enough. The Animations don't quite get me saying "yeah, this fits totallyof doing XY". I do like the way Guild Wars 2 Animation feel if that helps to understand what I mean or what my (maybe even low) Standards are.

- Hitting and getting hit doesn't feel like anything. This one is a biggy for me. The Sound when hitting someone should feel more satisfying and impactful. It has to be more obvious that I did hit someone with my Arrow/Spell/Whatever. The same goes for me being hit by someone. I don't have to flinch necessarily, but I do want to hear that impactful Hit Sound. I do wan't to hear my Character hear when getting hit and especially critted. This isn't only a must have for the immersion but also for the Combat itself. If I'm getting shot in the Head from far away, I want to be able to register that also by Sound. Also, it does really not feel like a War/BR when I can't hear people getting hit around me. I do want to hear people getting smashed with a Sword, Hit by a Bow, hit by a Spell etc. I wanne hear that and be like "ouhhh that had to hurt".

- Catfall Boots need a change or be removed entirely. I posted something about them already, because I do think they hold immense Danger to the whole BR. To be clear here, it isn't about closing Gaps as a meele compared to a Hunter/Mage or whomever or even kiting potential. There are already abilities for that by the way. It is about the possibility to jump way, way to high, bunnyhop like superman while spamming meteor. This isn't immersive, this isn't skillful, this isn't fun. It's a complete toxic mechanic that destroys every bit of fun one may had up to this point. What leverages this effect is the fact that the nearer we are to the End of the Match, the higher the possibilites are, that everyone left alive is equipped with this tool. Leading to a Meteor Spamm from 4 people bunnyhopping through the Skies. That's not even Anime or Fortnite Level. That's bullshit.

- Meteor Grimmoire should hold only a very limited amount of Casts. Like 3-4.

- Other Grimmoires could be edited into the Game, holding a limited amount of charges for the given Spell. Of course they should then be "quite" powerful.

- In order to get to higher heights, roofs etc. Add a Grappling Hook like the one Link in Zelda has. You can remove Catfall Boots after that.

- A second Map.


I know this may sound like a "there is nothing right" Feedback but that's how I feel. I don't think the things I adressed are hard to come by for what Interprid has shown us so far. In addition to that, I do have faith.

Thanks for reading.


  • So, you want them to finish flushing the game out in testing environment. Awesome, you're in luck. There is this thing called Apocalypse now...
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