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Q: Why APOC spinoff? well here is why , Answer within!

     OK,  the kick starter was an advertising/marketing campaign ran by Steven when Intrepid Studio's was very small, before full scale development was started. Steven marketed development as OPEN development.  In comes Mr. Jeffrey Bard stipulating the reality of early development are as well as  the fickleness of average MMORPG players.  The MMORPG alpha testing is Q2 2019, without any testing, people will visibly see the client and server bugs, crashes, Unreal engine crashes we all have experienced. 

     Mr. Bard continued to press this to Steven and convince him the early bugs will be detrimental appearance wise to gamers who expect smooth running games with no bugs and will scare people away.   Low and behold the Battle Royal was born.  
    The goal of the BR,originally said was to test the Active combat for 7 months but Mr. Bard was very convincing the downside of how the public will treat the early alpha bugs.   The BR/Siege/Horde was then split off to test more than the active combat, and named APOC.   APOC essentially exists to test the client, to test connecting to server, to test account creation, to test login, to test the server back end, optimize the .net code for large groups of people, essentially the very foundation of the game, and prevent the long days where people fail to connect altogether.

      As APOC is not considered the MMORPG, but something different but released earlier, Intrepid Studios now has a way to get the wire frame of the MMORPG tested , separating these bugs from the MMORPG so the actual MMORPG ALPHA/BETA  will not have these bugs visible in this "OPEN Development"   as these bugs are being worked out now in the APOC.
***TL;DR***APOC is the way the CEO Steven Sharif keeps to his marketing goal of open development, and Jeffrey Bard has a way to resolve the bugs that SHALL scare players away.  The bugs and problems are now separated from the open MMORPG development. Steven is now happy and the developers are now happy.  APOC is the solution for both in the end.  Quite brilliant solution I say

Best I can gather from how events unfolded.  Hopes this helps brings clarity to APOC vs MMORPG  :heart:  


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