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I cant log into the launcher

I followed the steps in the email i got, and made an account. But i keep getting this error while on the page.
After few hours of refreshing and giving up and retrying i got it working and when loggin into the launcher is just doesnt work. As if my details are wrong, i tried asking in the discord and go no help and then eventually the servers went up and we got blocked from typing in the question channel and only in the Livestream Questions which doesnt help me at all with my problem.


  • Exact same here
  • Just an FYI, your IP is in the image you posted.

    I too had this same issue a while back and it was because the server was hugged to death by all the traffic. Just had to keep trying.

    Thus is Alpha testing.
  • Thanks for letting me know. But even if its alpha no help in the discord was kinda a blow, also i cant even install the game at this point.
    I heavely doubt i get to play it at all
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