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Not enough time to download game

Luckily I was invited to the Dec. 11-13th test but the servers to download the game appear to only be up during the playtime and this is not enough time to actually download the game for those who work during the day.  
When the playtest goes down for the night it seems the download stops.  Currently I am at 30%.  You cannot download it offhours it seems.  
So you shall have a lot less players than those who wanted to play and were invited as the servers that let you download the game dont stay up long enough to download.  
I am using 12 megabit DSL but dont start downloading til around 7:00 PM Pacific.  


  • The good part is that supposedly they will see that in their metrics; the bad part is, it is very frustrating to only be able to get a fraction done and not see any gameplay.  /hug
  • Eh all part of the deal 'w' I can't even count how many times I got crashes or my computer sounded like a bomb about to go off.
  • Lol, I've been trying to get in since late September. I certainly feel your frustration @DOLPHYNN . Those of use living in the OCE/SEA region are particularly disadvantaged in this regard.

    Hopefully IS will continue to extend testing periods as they did recently, in order to give those with unconventional schedules or inconvenient time zones a change to test. :smile:
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