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any one could help me !!!

when i download the game after i download the launched it goes to 99% then it gives me a message acces to path denied ,ashes of creation /easyanticheat . then it disregard all the download and goes back to 0


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    edited December 2018
    1. Make sure you are not running another App that uses easyanticheat, if you are turn it off. But this was posted a few days ago in Discord.                           

    StevenLast Tuesday at 4:31 PM

    @everyone If you are having an access denied error for Easy Anti Cheat, please close your launcher and delete EasyAntiCheat_x64.dll and EasyAntiCheat_x86.dll from your game directory listed in the error message. Then relaunch your launcher and update.                                  
    These are FILES do not delete the whole folder.
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