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What, what, what!!??

What do you think about Newest stream and gameplay, environment etc.? What do you expect next? What do you want to eat right now because i will eat hamburgers.


  • I really enjoyed seeing details like the description box with Node info: including Stage progress, allies, trade agreements, war status and mayor.
  • I think if you keep up to date with all the comments and listen carefully to what Steven says. You would have known or expected something like this.

    Only thing that suprised me is that the show it when it's not even completely finished. That must take some balls to do.
  • The game environment looks great, I also think that it shows how poor the characters look too, I'm curious to see what the characters look like when they're actually updated, have proper movement and animations etc.

    I'm not caring much for the UI for everything though. It's kinda bland. That can all change but just what I'm seeing now it's not all that great. But I'd rather them focus on the characters more than anything. I would be happy if the environment didn't change su all too launch as long as they fixed character animations and combat. 
  • @Pooka can't wait to see the actual A1 map instead of the BR map with some MMO glitter thrown at it.
  • I'm happy to see there was actual improvement over the last time we saw mmo footage, shows that they are working on it and not fucking around with APOC.
  • I loved seeing how beautiful the environment looks. The fishing sneak peek also made me squeee< I want to eat a big chocolate eclair the size of a baguette. 
  • I want to see more water, YARRRRRRR!
  • The environment was awesome and goes to show how they want the game to look.
    I expect them to get it finished and released by tomorrow so Ill have something to play.
    "Surprise! we're really releasing the mmo tomorrow. The alphas were there just to fool you"
    I want to eat cake and christmas ham.
  • Q2 can't get here soon enough and the veritable flood of information alpha 1 will provide.
    Things seem to be progressing well, Steven has said a couple of times he is surprised just how fast the world map is coming together and for me that suggests good progress. 
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