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Community dependency and building?

I am really curious what, if any systems will be in place to promote communities. I may not be wording all this correctly so let me explain.
WoW introduced LFR and crap like that. It destroyed the core of the game. It disassociated people from commitment and responsibility. Ensuring a more toxic community.
For Ashes, how will this be handled? Will there be a LFR system?
This is my single most important aspect going forward with any MMO. And I have played many.
So far they all have failed in this aspect.


  • There will not be a looking for group system no. You will actually have to go and interact with people in the world and I couldn't be more happy about it
  • and no server sharding right? I pray for that, it means If I behave like an asshole, I will be known as the asshole and that will deter people from being assholes
  • Awesome. This is a very important and sensitive topic for me. I am not a gamer. Games are predictable and typical. MMO's are also. What makes them unique is human interaction. The human element is what makes the games fun. MMO's are all I play for this reason. Yet this trend lately is of moving away from dependency on other players. Then, whats the point? Even EQ2 which was one of my favorites added Mercs that helped you fight. No No No.
  • Well then Aliencon, welcome home. Because as others above typed there is no lfg, there is no fast travel, there is not port to friends or family to facilitate zerg formations. Ashes is going old school where you will have to travel to content with the possibility of getting distracted or dying along the way. Personal reputation will matter. Act like a dick or a loot ninja or any of the other various memes of mmo behaviour that are now present and you will find your available pool of people to do stuff with shrinking over time. Group activities like dungeons are going to be balanced around 8 person groups, and raids up to 40. There will still be plenty to do solo, but if you want either pve or pvp grouping with others will add way more options to your play. There will be job boards in player run taverns and inns that will allow people to advertise jobs and group formation, but again, not active matchmaking systems that allow people to get into random groups and not take the consequences of being a bad actor.
  • In other words Ashes will actually force you to.....SOCIALIZE T_T
  • You had to use the 'S' word, didn't you?
  • Forgive me...someone had to do it.
  • While listening to Classic WoW players talk about their experiences one thing stuck out; the way that all the looking-for-group tools destroyed the community. As one said "Nowadays you queue in, you zerg the dungeon, and no one says a thing, not even 'hi'. The other players may as well just be NPCs for all you are going to get to know them."

    Am hoping that AoC turns that around and we know who the major players on our servers are, we know who the best crafters are, we know who we can ask to group with, as well as know who RPs, who raids, etc. We should know our server community almost as well as we know our real community.
  • Ew, talking to people!
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