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The Bui Empire [NA] | PvX | Node-Building/Economy Guild

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Guild Name: The Bui Empire
Discord: Click me
Leader: MrAfreay (Antonius)
Co-Leader: Average_Tom
Server: North American
Focus: Node-building, Mercantilism, Politics, PvX, Community Growth
Size: 3


The Bui Empire is a hardcore, North American based guild with the intent of making and protecting our own. 

What makes us different?

We are an experienced group of gamers who have committed to goals and seen them through. We would be seen and categorized as a nation-guild: one that functions with node-building, poltitics, PvX, and Economics. We are also comprised of die-hard players who want to make the most of the game.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build up a node and to defend it from threats seen and unseen. We want to defend every player within the Empire and to make the "node" a better place to be. Another desire we have is to build up an army for the defense of our node. We also plan on focusing on trade (land and sea-based), and establishing partners within the Zone of Influence and beyond.

Our Pledge

We pledge to do our best for our members and to do our best for the node's survival. We will continue to change and make adjustments and we will never take advantage of our members.


Our leadership and hierarchy are based on merit, we don't promote people just because you know someone in real life. Our divisions are led by people who have proven themselves to be an asset in said field or have shown that they have something to bring to the table in terms of leadership.

List of Divisions:
  • Commerce: This is where our trading will be based from. This division is lead by the Minister of Finance .
  • Law: This division directed the law enforcement and justice branches of the Empire, and under the division's control the rigid order and efficiency of Imperial society remained intact and Imperial justice was maintained across the Empire.
  • Military Defense: This division was concerned with the direction of the Imperial Military in order to preserve the Empire and its people from external and internal threats. This division is lead by the Minister of Defense, currently occupied by Kitai.
  • Military Offense: This division directs the Imperial Military in all offensive military operations, commanding the military's firepower and resources in order to destroy the Empire's enemies. This division is lead by the Minister of War.
  • Mysteries: This division is responsible for gathering information and defending the Empire from the shadows

Who are we looking for?

The Bui Empire is looking for mature, active individuals who would like to play with us. We are looking for those who have a passion for defending what they have strived to build. We want people who like dungeon crawling, PvX, node-building, politics, and trading. Players must display loyalty and pledge themselves to the guild.

Think the Bui Empire is a good fit? Feel free to stop by the Guild's Discord!

Until then,
Antonius Bui


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