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Will there be a class who can wield 2 swords? :)


  • Number one: Any class can wield any weapon. A mage can use a bow, a tank can carry a wand, a ranger can use a sword and shield.

    Number two: There is no two-weapon style.  Swords are restricted to a sword and shield, single one-handed sword, or a two-handed sword.
  • Well we don't know if they change their mind about the dual wielding, something like a sword and a dagger would be nice to see at least (rapier and dagger :3).
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    edited December 2018
    Dual wielding is indeed a thing. It sticks in memory because of the number of times we have people during livestreams keep asking "Can I dual wield shields!?!" and how patient they have been in the answers to the same softball served up every time.

    Dual wielding

    Dual wielding will be permitted for one handed weapons.[47]

    But to clarify, I also remember them saying that you not be able to mix and match. The cost and effort of animating all possible combinations turned out to screw up their production line. It was in response to someone wanting a sword and dagger combo that was a nimble dancer in combat if I remember right. @Jahlon may have clarity on this, or he might just refer us all to Google.

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