Sugoi [NA | PvX] ACTIVE. Competitive focus on NODE and PvX content.

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Sugoi | The Elite Academy
PvX | NA

"Play to WIN"



Focus & Goals: To participate and be successful in late-stage node ownership and be a dominant presence in PvP.
  • Have a prosperous, well-known guild node

  • Score high in PvP leaderboards

  • Be a competitive force within Verra

What we provide:
  • Honesty and transparency

  • Recognition

  • Strong/Experienced Leadership


Competitive PvPer's that fit well with our group. The more competitive the better. We want all types of players in this section from casual to hardcore. Although we have a section set aside (see Disciplinary Committee below) for those who are the most hardcore, we want every player to feel comfortable with the level that they are at.

Competitive PvEer’s

Crafters. We realize this is going to be an important part of the game. As one of the first games out there where the person crafting actually matters, we want to recruit quality crafters as well. You can bet the rewards will be proportionate for doing your job well.

Sugoi is now also accepting contracts with other guilds. It is very early in the game but the groundwork has been created for our alliance system. Essentially we will be taking on partnerships, trades, and other services as part of our community network. Please contact Cuddles in our discord (see link above).

We have an Anime flavor to our guild structure and naming themes. Many of our members are Anime fans. This has no effect in-game, and you don't have to enjoy Anime to apply or have fun here.

In partnership with the Uncrowned community.



We're a community that mixes hardcore competitive gamers with more casual players, and produces successful teams that have a lot of fun together. Our goals for Ashes is to be one of the leading guilds in node ownership and be of the top PvP teams on our server. We have our roots in WoW, LoL, BDO and AA, and Crowfall but our focus has shifted towards Ashes of Creation.

Our leadership takes the time to get to know the skills and needs of all of our members. We realize that each player wants to succeed in their own right and their own strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to management style, our leaders and some core members are all hardcore players who have a long history of being the top 1% of players across multiple games. The D1's+ of League of Legends, the masters and grandmasters of SC2, and the 2200+ rating WoW players.

Although these aren't requirements of joining our guild, we have much respect for our members who have this sort of history in gaming. Our leadership also comes with the large scale PvP combat experience in ArcheAge, Black Desert Online, and Crowfall. We can guarantee that we will give it our all in Ashes of Creation by making sure we have the type of successful guild that we want to create.

We task ourselves with creating fair systems that allows for players to receive what they deserve. You will earn your fair share of the spoils through working with the guild to accomplish your personal goals as well as the guilds goals. We are firm believers in this balanced concept of earning your fair share. Transparency in our book keeping is key to make sure our leaders don't cheat our members out of what they deserve, and we will be keeping an up to date resource tracking sheet to show members what we’ve been working on. This way we can accommodate all types of players from casual to the hardcore.

This guild is made for the players not just the guild leaders.



We have a special branch, called the Disciplinary Committee, with the intent of being our elite PvP branch separate from our ordinary military group that represents Sugoi in the realms of Open World PvP, and in structured events. The people we are looking for has not changed, the people we are recruiting before the start of the game are players who have proven that they are a leading player in games of the past such as the diamonds in league of legends, Master level players in Starcraft, arena masters in WoW. We know that this game is different from the ones you've played before but this is the standard for the disciplinary committee. This group is for the top 1% of players out of any game.

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