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Are the items in the founder packs tradeable?

Just wondering since while i wanna get one it feels kinda pointless if i cant sell it to someone who wants a limited item whenever im tired of it and wanna change it with something else. Maybe im weird but i dont like keeping stuff im not gonna use if i find something better.


  • Nope, all cosmetics are account bound and cannot be gifted. This is to stop RMT and other bad practices that allow bad actors to profit and removes yet another reason for gold sellers to do those things that ruin games and their economies trying to extract cash from IPs. Those articles from KS packages like guild tabards and barding, once assigned to a guild cannot be taken back. If you want to buy your friend or others cosmetics you are going to end up needing to give them the money directly. Intrepid is not going to facilitate that.

  • Might I add that cosmetics are not usable on multiple characters so while you might have a cool armor set on one character you can't put it on another. 

    So if you get bored of cosmetics you can apply them to your alts 'w'
  • Greetings from Oceania and welcome to Ashes of Creation!!!
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