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When is the Download for the 12/18 beta ?

Has anyone detailed when this will be ?


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    if you mean what time then I have no idea. im not even sure if its been reviled yet
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    Most likely the 17th or even 18th, I wouldn't be surprised if Intrepid want to have as much time as possible to get everything working as well as possible.
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    That you think that they are going to hit the 18th for open to everyone is so cute. Here is a picture of a mogwai to entertain you while you wait.
    Image result for mogwai gif
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    I hope the server is up all day 'cause that's how long it will take me to dl the game. I have no idea why my connection is so slow. San Diego is only 8 hours away by car. I can drive there faster than I can get the game files.  Hmmm. if I drive there do you think Steven will give me the game files on a thumb drive?
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    Remember all times are PST.

    StevenToday at 9:55 AM

    @everyoneGlorious Ashes Community, the old website will be retired in the next 30 minutes. The deployment of the new website will take approximately 4-8 hours. We will begin the migration process in preparation for Apocalypse open testing that begins this evening at around 7pm PST. We will be capping total players allowed to 250k concurrent users for today and tomorrow as we test server stability.
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