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Devious Reconnaissance Element

So you might think a nuisance & pesky lower level player hanging around you is innocent.  Do you 'shoo' them away or risk a bounty by slaying an innocent?  Is this risk and reward?

This may be gaming the system by a player logging on an alternate lower seemingly noob to scout and feel out your vulnerabilities.  The dilemma becomes a choice.  Be trusting and have the 'big brother(s)' come along and pound you.  That's right, tactics by a group or guild to reconnoiter goods or situational advantage.  Or does one play nice, and get along.  In my opinion, the Battle Royale mode is prepping all players to beware.  It's like using certain 'skins' as a cloaking device.  Would you SPOT kill a seemingly pesky noob?    


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    edited December 2018
    Kill them if it’s name is Skafftaruss. 😜
  • Depends I guess. If they are getting larger amounts of xp by being so close or also attacking the same MOB, yeah a little corruption is part of the game. If they don't somehow benefit from trekking along beside me, why not? Every hero needs a side-kick.
  • I will be a fighter or tank (or mix), so if they want to stand around me, then be prepared to be chased by the mobs I lure over. I wont kill you! I promise! :wink:
  • Kill them all, and let the gods sort them out
  • The Answer is .... Use skins and underling scouts to figure our your weaknesses.  That's Gangsta ...
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