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Alliance and Faction vs Faction Warfare

 I can see the game evolving into conflict between various regions(factions) of the game. Some thought should be given by developers to anti-zerg game design.


  • The whole game will be essentially a big conflict between the various nodes, that's what Intrepid is aiming for and not something the game is "evolving" into 'w'

    Of course you can sit back and not participate in that conflict but no high level node will just be exempt from it.
  • They have spent a long time implementing anti-zerging mechanics into the game. So we know about, others are promised to be more subtle. Since evolving conflict between regions is literally the game and how content is generated they have this well in hand. 

  • The lords of the western seas and the king of the northern mountains will stand united!
    (Just throwing that in there, of course there are no lords of the eastern sea and neither a king of the northern mountains OR ARE THERE?!?)
  • Except there are no "factions"

    There is your node citizenship (which you can change to another node as long as you have property there) and there is your guild membership.

    As far as Anti-zerg, there are lots of things already in place to prevent zerging, first and foremost no-fast travel.  When you move with your armored forces, you take the people you have with you.   
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    I bet that guilds will rule the nodes in the long run of theit development.

    I know that a guild will only be able to ally three other guilds, but that doesn't prohibit, that they could make a "congaline".
    Meaning that the main guild (after reaching 300 members) makes an offshoot guild and then they ally together. Now the main guild has one slot full, while they can use the other two slots to ally with "real" guilds in other nodes in the surrounding territory.

    But the subguild could just ally with another two subsubguilds, and then they could just repeat that until they have a guild alliance made up of 10 sub guilds, all at a max of 300 members each. Just one way to work around the guild member and alliance limit.

    (Just had this running around in my head for sometime and thought "Holy shit this could actually work!")
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     you make a huge assumption here that you can be in more than one alliance.

    Paradox is the main guild of the alliance.   For some silly reason we decide to go to 300 members instead of taking bonuses.

    We Decide to Make Paradox Crafters to throw our alts in.   We decide to ally them to the main guild so they can access whatever alliances can access.

    Random Guild 3

    Noob Guild 84 

    Flush out the other 2 slots in our alliance.

    That's it.  Its a square.  

    I've not seen anything that says you can be part of numerous alliances.  
  • Yup, here it is:

    Guild leaders can create an alliance at a certain level by completing a quest.[2]

    • Once created, the leader can invite up to three other guilds to this alliance.[2]
    • There is no member cap in an alliance, only a maximum of four guilds.[2]
    Going to doubt you can be in more than one alliance at a time. 
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