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So, only Alpha 0...question

Since the game is only in Alpha 0 does that mean it will not be released to least late next year? Thinking about supporting but if not releasing till a year from now...?



  • Welcome to Ashes 'w'

    The game is essentially moving into the Alpha 1 stage, the release of the game is planned "before 2020" kind of expecting December next year.

    There will be an open testing phase on the 18th for all to participate in.
  • Alpha 0 is over. The website is getting ready for a revamp so some things are not updated. Intrepid is a weird company that instead of having the priority of website>forums>Discord for information flow, they have it opposite. But you are correct to assume that the game is almost a year from live launch. The only set date is an estimation that is repeated every month or so of "before 2020!"
  • Greetings from Oceania and welcome to Ashes of Creation!!!
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