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Armor styles

idk if they have talked about it but are they planning to keep armor styles the way they are like in the BR mode or more bulky looking for tanks? I hope they show more design for the different play styles ( tank, rogue, ranger etc) to give us a idea of what it’ll look like. 


  • They just talked about it. Some people complained that the armor was too feminine looking and Steven said that's just how that armor looks because it's fancy. The different races will have different styles. 
  • But if i remember right he also said you will probably not be able to wear Armor of some other races style . So if this is what elf armor looks .. i better play no elf . 

    Looks not gay to me, looks just way too fancy . And ye elfes will sure have tons more of amror, but if this is the overall theme of them, no thanks for me .
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