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I joined AoC back during the crowdfunding 2017! I am excited for this MMORPG! I have been playing APOC this weekend! I just noticed that the last 5 matches have not given the experience it says I earned in the review of the match! Am I missing something! Love testing APOC & am looking forward to castle sieges & such!


  • The xp accretion is scheduled to kick in on the 18th.
    If they can get it working by then.
    Supposed to be a character wipe tomorrow anyways.
  • Thanx Dygz for the info! I got the email about the 18th but is the character wipe on their discord! I only ask because I don't see it anywhere unless I overlooked it, which I do sometimes!, LOL!!!

  • Most relevant information is released on Discord and as Dygz pointed out above Steven has confirmed that all progress will be wiped for "open beta" upon release to all registered users. The problems with credit for experience and progression is well known to them and they are working on it.
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