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When do we get controller support?

I was on the alpha today waiting to be qued in, and I noticed a controller option in the settings. Nothing there at the moment, but obviously it's going to be a thing. I just want to know how soon.


  • Soon™ is the standard answer from Intrepid. Which translates to "we don't know." They are well aware of the issues with controllers and I have had them address it as questions in livestreams. You can use a controller currently for movement, lunging, basic attacks, and jumping. They seem to be having difficulty getting the key mapping to work. So you can play with a controller, and then mash special attack buttons when needed atm. Like any product in development it is sure to get better, and they are well aware that if you release an action only combat style, controller is going to be a must. If nothing else to address all the old people (Steven likes to throw out that the average mmo gamer is 33) that have accessibility issues from a lifetime of keyboard hunch.
  • You may never get it.

    Its not a 100% promised feature.

    For BR you can easily map it to a controller.   

  • When I was in the BR my XBOX controller worked flawlessly. This is odd...
  • @Azathoth Hell, mine worked back in A0, just couldn't map anything. I haven't tested this week, have been waiting for the 18th launch. Were you able to map specific buttons in options now? Because last time I tested, my controller worked for movement related stuff, but I couldn't get mapping like making the "X" button the interact with doors, chests, and pickup items function to register. Have been avoiding using a 3rd party program just because I don't want to be sending weird data to them.
  • @UnknownSystemError. Mine worked, as far as I could tell, as intended. I too am waiting for the 18th but it will likely be the 21st or after before I can get in. I did not get into the mapping/options/etc.. Knocking on wood here, but I have never had issues with alphas, betas, early access, or newly released games. Luck of the draw I suppose, I'm sure it will all balance out when Ashes releases :frowning:
  • Mine works if I map it out of game. 

  • The good part about controller support is UE4 is specifically designed for easy controller support, so I can easily see them refining the feature down the road.
  • How did the bow aiming feel with a controller? Was it precise? 
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    How did the bow aiming feel with a controller? Was it precise? 
    If someone else does not get you an answer by tomorrow then I will :) Got an XBONE elite controller that I have been waiting to test
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