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My body is ready . . .

Zev's here to meme like its 2008, bully some online bullies, and generally voice (and sometimes purely talk through memes/gifs) my opinion wether people like it or not.

Been playing MMORPG's since Ultima Online in 1997, best genre there is. Glad to finally see a game worth looking forward to that actually has REAL footage and not just concept art lol. a game thats made where you DON'T get punished for just wanting to open world pvp random people. A game where trading won't be boring afk strolls. Bringing some excitement and adrenaline rushes back into the genre. Can't wait!

Future channel chat heckler, ugly character creater, overall annoyance to the uptight, fun loving and adorable (possible future youtuber/streamer)


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    Welcome! :)
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    Welcome to the community :)
    I see you already found your way to the Discord channel ;)
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    Welcome to the community. I'm prepared to see how ugly you can make things in the character creator!
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    Have you already checked the <a href="">Discord</a> out? If not, what are you waiting for? :)

    Don't hesitate to contribute to the community!
    Happy waiting!

    ~ Zention
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