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Alright so i recently found out about this game and i am insanely hyped up and i am hoping so much that this game will be a big success! 
I am from EU and i want to buy a pack and support the game, but as i started looking into it, i realized that the game is published by for EU, honestly i HATE them! But i am very hyped up about this game, so my question is, can i buy the pack here and still play on European servers? Do i have to do it through website? 


  • Here is how that works. You can indeed buy a package and register on the NA site. Or you can do the same on the site. There is no IP or region locking. In a game that heavily features pvp as well as pve, most will want to play on servers located closest to them. If you decide at launch you want to play on EU servers your support and account integration will be handled by If you decide to play on NA servers only, your support and account integration will be handled by Intrepid. They know exactly where you are logging in from and location in the world. It basically comes down to paying in euros or dollars at this point if you were to buy a package.
    Please read the relevant threads and watch TheLazyPeon video I will provide links for, should help with your anxiety.

  • Thank you for your answer, i have seen the LazyPeons video, my issue and distrust with goes beyond something words can fix, it will take action!  I do want to play on EU servers for sure, i just wish to purchase the game, packs and everything through Intrepid and not but still have access to EU servers, is that possible? 
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    No, you can purchase through Intrepid, but once the game goes live if you want to play on EU servers your account and its information will be migrated to for them to handle any issues. This was clarified by Steven again two days ago. They are able to identify where accounts are playing from and those that fall under different "jurisdictions" will end up there. You will be able to avoid completely only by never playing on EU servers and only playing on NA. The same applies to the Russians and  There is no incentive for to provide server support and publishing in EU and Russia if people were able to subvert the intent behind the agreement and skew population numbers costing them revenue. There is no region locking or IP locking with Ashes, but where you choose to play will determine who handles your account.
  • Thank you for your answer! 
  • Greetings from Oceania and welcome to Ashes of Creation!!!
  • It is still not clear what information is being passed to from European accounts already registered at Intrepid. To quote Steven " will be responsible, with collaboration from Intrepid, for EU accounts and servers". 

    What is the collaboration? Will have our log in information only, and will European players be able to purchase items and pay sub via Intrepid and thus not give payment details such as credit card details, etc. 

    @Razorclaw I would recommend purchasing your package via Intrepid now as firstly I dont think you can currently buy the package via and second Steven has confirmed when account migration takes place Europeans will get the option to migrate. So you can make a more informed decision at that point.

  • Welcome to Ashes 'w'
  • Welcome to Ashes!!!
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