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Questin regarding the standalone content

With the Standalone including BR, Siege and Horde Mode (overtime) I was wondering if features such as Siege and Horde mode will later on shift to the actual MMO or will be exclusive for this ''standalone'' 

I know Intrepid has said that this standalone will not impact the development of the MMO itself but it does make one wonder as I feel Siege and Horde are both features that would be perfect for the MMO itself.

If this question was asked before I apologize, using a phone + the current (old by the time you read this) isn't really phone friendly. 

Thx in advance folks and a Merry Christmas ! 

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  • These Modes will not be in the MMO as actual Modes. 

    However there will be similar things in the MMO:

    Nodes can be sieged and guild-castles can be sieged. So Sieges will be in the MMO as normal part of the gameplay.

    Something similar to Horde Mode will probably be in the MMO as some kind of event where Monsters attack a Node.
  • Yes, all 3 will make it into the regular mmo, just with slightly changed systems and rewards.
    The BR will be reflected by arenas that have an FFA component.

    Sieges are an underlying pillar of the whole game and are how content changes in an area can be forced. They are time intensive affairs that take lots of planning and resources, so the "just que up and siege" will be in APOC, not the MMO.

    And Horde Mode is there way of testing the monster coin system. Currently the plan is for people to fight against waves of monsters in APOC, but the eventual goal is to have people able to choose either play as a monster or hero.

  • They will be part of the mmo but not as standalone modes that you can just queue into.
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