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[NA]Wards of Galladorn |Semi Hardcore

Galladorn is a newer gaming community created for those dedicated players that are looking to have a good, no-nonsense time. Originally we banded together for Chronicles of Elyria but are now looking to branch out into other games. Our leadership is made up of longtime gamers and community leaders that come from police, fire, and military backgrounds that know the benefits of cooperation over individualism.  

Our goal is to build a strong community based on good cooperation, game enjoyment, and knocking a few heads together. In AOC we what to have strong people on each front supporting each other with each link in the chain supporting the next. Our goal will not only be a strong PvP presence but a strong economic presence through trading, crafting, and raids. We want our members to be excited when they log on and enthusiastic about joining the group.

The value of a hard day's work will never go unappreciated and we expect everyone to pull their weight. We will never require you to sacrifice your sleep or home life for the sake of the group as each of us have lives of our own. Time put into the group is always a benefit and we welcome any contribution to the cause. We don't tolerate those only looking for a handout, trying to coast by, or only creating drama. We will support you as much as we can if you prove worthy of it.

-Dont be a dick
-Dont create issues or drama where they're not needed
-Support your fellow members
-Put in work for the collective because it benefits more than just you
-Don't be afraid to fight until the end, we will help pick you back up

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