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Order of the Silent Dawn (17+) (PvEverything!)

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The Order of the Silent Dawn is recruiting all types of players! We're a ground-up organization starting fresh in Ashes, absolute unit style. We enjoy a variety of gameplay styles and also journey together in many other worlds, such as Destiny 2, Sea of Thieves, and much more! We don't have any fancy graphics to tie you in, but I'll lay my heart out on the table for you: My friends and I have recently decided we wish to extend our arms to a larger number of the  people in the communities we like to lurk in alongside. This is a group for lurkers, baddies and sweaty tryhards. We have a tendency to teach and be taught, and we welcome those of similar thought. 

Timezone: PST (Pacific Standard)
Focus: PvEverything
We generally speak english :)
Give us a shot! 

Reach me on Discord: Seffiroth#1790
Reach my Co-Leader: Finitae#1826
Join us here!:

I love you all <3 
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