Where are the ShadowKnight?

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ShadowKnight = Necromancer / Paladin: Pure resistance, defence tank( 1h/Shield and plate armor). Based on blood, and disease damage/skills (All dark magic - Based. With the knowledge of any other combat form). And a master (of All) summonering.


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    We don't have specifics so i can't guarantee blood and disease magic but from what I know, cleric is where you will get your deathy magic from so you will probably want to pick it as your secondary. 

    You could probably turn several classes into a shadowknight-ish class depending on what you want to focus on. If you want the master of summoning thing they you probably want to go necromancer (summoner/cleric). If you wanted to go the more defensive route then palidan(summoner/cleric) and focus the more darker augments the cleric gives you. 

    Go either of those classes, wear heavy armor, and use your one hander and shield. We don't know much about the classes so i could be wrong but hopefully this is some food for thought.

    I'd recommend reading some wikis on how the class system works if you haven't already. Here is a link to one: http://ashesofcreation.wikia.com/wiki/Classes
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    so you want a blood knight?
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    A class as description
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