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How are people playing this game already?

Never been able to find where to download it to start playing. 


  • You will get an email. read it and follow the instructions
  • It's magic! We're coming from a world without magic, (real life) into one with magic (the game). 
  • I feel like I'm missing something, or haven't received an invitation via email? Is the open beta going to be more exclusive than I originally thought?
  • its alpha and stress testers that got to se the game beta one is close tho
  • Yea still no follow up email after the original invite here either.. :/
  • Alpha and Beta backers have had access for a while.

  • Jahlon said:
    Alpha and Beta backers have had access for a while.

    what? beta backers have? theres no beta yet

  • Okay so probably not likely that people who haven't already been hand selected will get to join any time soon?
  • As far as we know at some point this week everyone can play the br mode but if you were picked previously a1/beta backers you could play whenever Steven sent a message to say servers were up pls test for us.

    So doors open to everyone this week at some point not entirely sure when as I'm in the EU so ill always be out of the time loop xD 
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    Okay, so Battle Royale mode ONLY this week.
    As far as the full game:

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