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Once upon a Dwarven time, BainSamryn Hammerspirit

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A   grizzled old dwarf enters the portal, using his hefty warhammer as a hiking staff  ,looks upon the soil of Verra remarking .

"Aye,this land does have potential", unpacks an ancient anvil off his back setting it upon the ground, BainSamryn swings his warhammer called Marrowsunder upon the anvil, the sound be heard  echoing through the land and beyond.

But will they come?

Introduction :
BainSamryn Hammerspirit is member of dwarven guild Dwarvenholt with rank of Honored ancestor.

I am one of the founding members of the guild Dwarvenholt, with a rich history of  being a crafting guild in past ventures and goal etched into our history of establishing a dwarven settlement aka city aka node aka kingdom of Khazad Dum. We were or  are a friendly guild seeking comradery through various activities including crafting

The two successful runs ,starting in beta progressing into release  , we were in Istaria and Vanguard -Saga of Heroes. I will be monitoring the game for some time and potential of underground nodes got my attention .I will be monitoring this  games progress

BainSamryn Hammerspirit



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    Everyone will be able to visit the under-realm through access points in the world as they are part of the planned node system.
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    Bain said:
    Will Dwarves aka Dunir have access to the underrealm ?
    The only race that has the ability to start in the underrealm are the Tulnar, but all races can go there and develop the nodes in there.
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    Bain said:
    Will Dwarves aka Dunir have access to the underrealm ?
    Why do I suspect you have ambitions of recreating Moria =3 ???
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