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Dwarvenholt...[potential interest]

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BainSamryn HammerSpirit 
        A founding member of Dwarvenholt (all dwarven guild), a guild focused on activities promoting comradery including crafting. Includes the building of Khazad-Dum, our home for clan and all Dwarves. I came across this game and there mention of nodes for towns etc, especially underground nodes.
Two games worth mentioning we participated in :
  • Istaria- alpha all the way into release
  • Vanguard - Saga of Heroes= guild beta into release
I will be monitoring the nodes progression of the game, (nodes) lholding  off committing web sites and forums, until I'm certain of what's promised reflects actuality. 

BainSamryn HammerSpirit - Dwarvenholt 
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