Recruiting for Your Guild - Read Me First!

If you want to recruit others to join your guild, you’ve come to the right place! Anyone can post a Guild Recruitment thread, but you must follow the below structure:

(1) [Region] Guild Name | PVP PVE PVX RP | Extra | Extra

[Include a brief introduction of your guild, feel free to format it as you wish.]

(2) Contacts:
Discord: [Optional]
Website: [Optional]

(3) Extra Media:
  • The header may be horizontal or vertical as long as it includes the minimum information.
  • A point of contact must be available to interested members. This can be via the introduction or as its own section as demonstrated.
  • Extra links/images/videos are acceptable as long as they do not take up too much space.
Threads without the requirements above will be deleted without notice. Please limit your posting to 1 guild recruitment thread - reposts and “bumping” with miscellaneous messages will be removed.
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