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[NA] Primordials | PvX | [Competitive] [Social] 18+

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[NA] Primordials | PvP PvX | Mercenary | EST/CST | 18+

About us:
Primordials is a guild of friends united by camaraderie and a desire to have fun during online gaming. Adventuring together and exploring what Ashes of Creation, and other games, have to offer!

What we look for:
Our guild seeks players interested in joining a tight-knit group of mercenaries and raiders. As early game players, it is essential that we do not get too caught up in the politics of territory ownership but instead focus on progressing and becoming solid PvPers. In the future, we will push for castle ownership.

We want players who communicate effectively, try their best, listen to shot-callers (or become one), follow battle plans/strategy, emphasize mobility as counter maneuvering large zergs and protecting our flanks will lead us to victory, and work together as a team because we are nothing without each other.

PvE content will be a huge part of progressing in all aspects of the game as crafting will yield some of the best equipment. Participating in dungeons, raids and having skilled crafters are necessary for a fully functional guild in Ashes.

Join our community today! We aim to conquer all aspects of the game—an active community seeking to grow and flourish in Ashes. Mature and friendly group, hanging out and building our group while waiting for AoC to launch.





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