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This is a Signal Fire.
Do you have the strength to answer this call?
Do you have the spirit?

This is a call for all North American players who want to be a part of something greater. If you're looking to be just another member, keep looking.

We are The Empire.

We aim to establish the First level 6 Civilization Node for the NA server (if not all of AoC), and maintain it as a bustling city center for all, while gaining the political and economic influence associated with such a project.

We aim to explore all this game has to offer, from organized PvP events, Weekly Raids and other PvE events, crafting at the highest level, and keeping up with (and hopefully outpacing) the ever-evolving, bleeding edge of the metagame.

And finally, we aim to accomplish these things while fostering a familial community; tight-knit and friendly within, ferocious and fearsome without; all the while never forgetting that games are supposed to be fun.

The Empire can offer all of its members:
  • A quickly growing, tight knit community
  • A discord with multiple convenient automated functions
  • Competent leadership based on Merit, Logic, and Rationality
  • Many experienced MMO veterans willing to mentor even the greenest players.
  • Advancement opportunities for the worthy, merit will never go unnoticed.

So if you think you can help us achieve glory, join us! When you are one of our Imperials, you will always have someone at your back! Become part of our quickly growing family and form the strong bonds of camaraderie with us. We are a passionate group of gamers and cant wait to meet you ;)

I'll see you there, Future Imperials! Nam bonum ex Imperii! Ad Victoria!

Discord Link Here!

Join The Empire
Discord Link Here!
Nam bonum ex Imperii! Ad Victoria!


  • Truth EternalTruth Eternal Member, Phoenix Initiative, Hero of the People
    Hey, good to see you posting again.
    Join our Discord via the HSG website | www.heavenlyswordgaming.com
  • DurzioDurzio Member, Leader of Men
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    For those of you reading this and thinking we sound like the guild for you, please join the discord link and read our FAQ ;) we require our members be 18 or older and have a functioning headset.
    Join The Empire
    Discord Link Here!
    Nam bonum ex Imperii! Ad Victoria!
  • ZaraZara Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty
    Hope you guys are doing well! :)
  • w3ar3titansw3ar3titans Member
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    Zara wrote: »
    Hope you guys are doing well! :)

    What a kind gesture. We’re doing wonderful, we hope the same for you!
  • I can't wait to help make a Metropolis with this guild! We are the best!
  • Only joined a few days ago, but I love the guild already <3
  • ZackallicZackallic Member, Founder
    edited April 13
    To have our forums up again. Man it feels good!

    Ad Victoria Imperials!

    Welcome to all those visiting us!

    Let's go fishing soon!
    - - - - - - - -
    Guild: The Empire
    Rank: Lord General
    Role: Officer
    Link: https://discord.gg/BUDD8E
  • rridorrridor Member
    Been in The Empire since the very first guild fair hosted by intrepid and found one of the best guilds I have been in since I started gaming almost 20 years ago. Lots of caring people and lots of jokes and interests in all aspects of gaming. Its definitly worth joining up we got lots of cool stuff planned

    -Rridor, Knight-Commander
  • KumaryKumary Member, Founder
    Giving you guys a shout out, may we meet in game! ;)
  • NauNau Member
  • Been with these guys for just over a year and I've never thought twice about deciding to join. Fantastic community and enthusiastic players
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